About Us

Thomas Andrew Smith Management is a talent agency based in the heart of London.

Our core beliefs are: 





We respect that clients are unique and require a bespoke service.

We recognise that honesty is a two way street.

Not only do we represent talent, but we also develop and nurture it.

Passion is not something that can be taught, its in your blood - we have it in abundance!

Whether you are an experienced Artist or a fresh graduate, the industry can be a daunting place which is why we aim to dedicate our time to becoming your first port of call. Someone not only to secure you work but to give advice and guidance. 

Our knowledge expands over all areas of the industry. Our agents have worked professionally themselves as well as being on the other side of the table . Therefore having a real grasp on exactly what it takes to sustain a healthy, long and exciting career. 

Our motto is 'Don't be average'  


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